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Our Mission

As a nonprofit organization, N3wdoom Inc. connects individuals within our network with educational and essential resources to empower them in order to create an economic family that enriches both themselves and our community. 

Our Vision

To connect at-risk youth and marginalized individuals with educational, financial and experiential support to become prosperous members of our communities.

“Industrial Protection Through Association & Empowerment Within Knowledge.”

Vision Statement

Our vision is to help every associate secure prosperity while achieving their educational and financial goals. We will provide a wide array of community initiatives under our four pillars, our Youth Programs, which will be spearheaded by our Educator’s Union. Collectively with our Return to Citizenship Program, we will create a Workforce Development Program.

Our Values

Our values are Resiliency, Accountability, and Self-empowerment. At N3wDoom Inc, the attributes, behaviors, and beliefs will connect associates with common goals. We believe that we can turn individuals into assets, then families into businesses.

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