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Remembering Juneteenth & Afropunk 2022 on the last day of Summer

On the weekend of Juneteenth, we had a moment of silence for George Floyd at the People’s Way and George Floyd Square in Minneapolis. Not too far away, we walked over to visit the Say Their Names cemetery that memorializes Black lives lost to police brutality. More than one hundred headstones made of cardboard, plastic, and paper with the names of Black people killed by police—it was hard to take in.

The significance of this newly established federal holiday (June 19) was surprisingly signed into legislation Thursday, June 17, 2021, and for many 2022 was our first official celebration of this summer holiday, but being in the newly commissioned "George Floyd Square" was a heavy reminder of how far we have left to go.

The George Floyd Square is a living memorial where individuals contribute offerings and pay respect to the names of people who died unjustly deaths. The George Floyd Global Memorial was established to bring together members of George Floyd's family and the local community to preserve these creative expressions of pain and hope of the people for the people.

Though we all appreciated the experience, it was hard to process how this once busy intersection filled with life and commerce was now a permanent holding space for pain, sorrow, and sadness. The City is exploring the idea of creating a pedestrian plaza in the area.

That same weekend, Afropunk — a canvas that gives musicians and activists the platform to speak, whose history is deeply rooted in music spanning back to the 1950s — came to Minneapolis, giving N3wdoom the chance to gather and amplify our message as participants.

Shoutout to local Minneapolis MC Lewiee Blaze. (Left)

Pictured below was an awesome performance from Mereba. (Below)

Noname (Above) exhibited her talent and lyrical prowess.

Festival favorite hands down when to Pink Siifu (pictured below) and his set with Devin Burgess. (not pictured)

Ari Lennox (below) was the headliner of the show delivering to her awaiting fans per usual.

Overall the N3wdoom team had an eventful inspired weekend and carried that energy thru the last day of summer. We look forward to sharing more of our group experiences with you soon.

Blog and Photos by @BearExpressions

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